Fujitsu fi-7160 - dokumentskanner

Fujitsu fi-7160 - dokumentskanner  OLL-PA03670-B051

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Gränssnitt USB 3.0
Formfaktor Desktop
Typ av scanner Dokumentskanner
Critical for perfect results: the interplay between hard- and software
ISOP - ""senses"" the feeding process
Top results, quickly and reliably
Scanner central administration lowers operating costs
PaperStream IP - top-quality image processing and enhancement
PaperStream Capture - optimizes batch scanning
ScanSnap Manager for fi Series - universal everyday use
The fast, compact and intuitive fi-7160 desktop scanner from Fujitsu comes well equipped to seamlessly process your documents into the digital world. Increase productivity/collaboration/customer satisfaction, meet legal and regulatory obligations and disaster recovery objectives, save space and money and address sustainability management.

The fi-7160 comes equipped with iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection); which detects changes in the acoustic noise generated by paper, enhances the paper feeding process and reduces the risk of having documents damaged by sensing the audible noise of paper movements and stopping the feeding of sheets when an irregular noise is encountered. Additionally it features innovatively developed hardware and software to help augment your daily routines and boost your organization's efficiency.

The fi-7160 is designed to support document capture routines either for knowledge workers or for small workgroups. Easy to set up, use and maintain this robust scanner is built on years of solid reputation and comes bundled with a user friendly and intuitive scanner driver PaperStream IP along with batch scanning automation and enhancement software PaperStream Capture.

Integrated within the operating panel an LCD shows useful information such as current scanner settings, operating status and a paper counter.

Scanner Central Admin software enable this and other Fujitsu scanners to be managed and maintained from a single location to minimize scanner downtime anywhere on the global system.

Built on class leading and proven feeding capabilities help ensure that the speedy scanning of mixed batches at the desktop is a breeze (the fi-7160 can scan at 60 double sided pages per minute) and helps minimize the pre-processing time required. Should you be scanning mixed batches of differing thicknesses of documents then the "skew reducer" reduces the physical skew that documents encounter through the paper path ensuring that each document is captured with the utmost precision and simplicity.

The fi-7160 additionally make use of an ultrasonic sensor that accurately detects multifeed errors where two or more sheets are fed through the scanner at once plus the Intelligent Multifeed Function allows document scan parameters to be applied which enables the sensors to be set up to help identify and subsequently ignore attachments such as sticky notes or items with a photo attached that would otherwise cause disruptions to the scanning process.

Bundled with the fi-7160 scanner is PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture, which are a genuinely developed TWAIN and ISIS scanner driver and document capture software application, designed for enhanced image processing and instant batch scanning.


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